Our Marketing Offer

Raising institutional level investment capital, leveraging a core digital marketing strategy, augmented by artificial intelligence, developed and continuously refined by our marketing and operations teams, over the past 14 years.

The introduction of new strategies to potential clients, managing day to day contact with investors and retention of existing clients, through healthy marketing practices, including monthly detailed updates, deep data analytics and prompt, accurate and appropriate responses.

Our experienced financial marketing and operations teams will work with your Managers/Analysts to reduce the burden of client interactions on your investment managers by doing the ”pre-call leg work” of tracking, hunting and introduction of pre-qualified candidates.

Our Data Analytics Explained

Through augmented intelligence, utilising data tracking software embedded in our marketing communications, in order to better understand our clients’ needs, we track individual engagements; these data points provide invaluable insight into our target audience. Examples include:
  • Emails opened (for less than 5 seconds)
  • Emails read (for more than 10 seconds)
  • Emails forwarded
  • Emails printed
  • Documents opened
  • Links clicked
e.g. a client reads and prints an email; two engagements. This data is then analyzed by our software to provide actionable information on client behavior.

Monthly Reports

Using our proprietary analytics software, We publish two main reports per month. In addition to data tracking, our program generates and sends the publication, inclusive of checks and balances to ensure no mistakes are made. Mailing lists are built into the system, and thereby synced with unsubscribe features.

Our CRM Explained

We have created a custom designed financial CRM database, which utilises the data collected, and through augmented intelligence, determines which investors are interested in our marketing material, as well as the degree to which they have interest (the “Heat Map”).
Once a contact is imported, we are able to see all the client’s information and engagements, in one concise location. We can also add or remove them from a mailing list and set future tasks.
We work daily out of the tasks section of the system database. We are able to provide daily/weekly lists of interested clients for your team to chase. We then follow up with the client at an optimised time, leveraging a proprietary data set.

Our Dynamic Proprietary Database

We utilise a secondary CRM as a back up database, consisting of all contacts we have not yet introduced ourselves to.
This is where we source new leads, and where we are able to break down the list of 24,000 contacts by Geography or Investment type.
We continuously update this database with new investor names.

Client Retention

Other Services

We manage our Linkedin by publishing articles, updating records and overseeing followers. We are currently working on new projects in this space.
Legal marketing guidance includes privacy policy wording and confidentiality note, ESMA/EU and Swiss FINSA regulation and approval.
The ability to have articles published by financial reporters.

Digital Marketing

We also specialise in delivering tailored solutions that cover all aspects of your digital journey. From website development and custom design to hosting management, logo creation, and branding, we have you covered. We will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and create a website that truly represents your brand.
With our cost-effective approach, you can expect premium quality, whether you’re just starting or looking to revamp your digital strategy, we offer a complete suite of services to help you succeed in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Trust us to provide you with a holistic digital solution that drives growth, engagement, and a strong brand presence.

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